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Leigh and Renee

Wedding Photography at a home in the Dandenong Ranges

Leigh and Renee have a gorgeous home at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges set on a beautiful large property.  It was the perfect setting for the preparation of this family wedding where they wanted the focus to be on their children.

Wedding Photography DandenongsWedding Photography DandenongsWedding Photography Dandenong Ranges
Wedding Photography DandenongsWedding Photography Dandenongs

Weddings with kids

It's always a joy photographing a wedding where children are included as they bring so much life to the proceedings. We set about to capture their kids playing in the garden, on the swings while in their suits, and at one stage, even Renee in her wedding dress was rolling on the grass with her daughters! It was fun, unscripted and memorable.

 Dandenongs Wedding Photography Dandenong Ranges Wedding Photography Dandenongs Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Dandenong Ranges Dandenongs Wedding Photography
 Dandenong Ranges Wedding Photography Dandenongs Wedding Photography

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