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Matt & Melissa

Wedding Photography at the Hotel Windsor Melbourne and Fortyfive Downstairs

While the boys were getting dressed at Matt's home in Richmond, the ladies were around the corner enjoying champagne at Mister George hair salon. We captured fun, candid photos at both locations before heading off to the city where the action was about to begin. Oh, and did I mention Matt's brother is a bodybuilder?

melbourne wedding photographyWedding Photography Melbourne
melbourne wedding photographyWedding Photography MelbourneRichmond Wedding Photography
Hotel Windsor Melbourne Wedding Photographymelbourne wedding photographymelbourne wedding photography

Hotel Windsor Melbourne

Melissa and her bridesmaids spent the eve of her wedding at the majestic Hotel Windsor in Melbourne.  As a pleasant surprise, Esther, the hotel Marketing Manager had been to a recent wedding that we photographed and recognised us. She was extremely accommodating, allowing us to have our photoshoot within the hotel premises, which worked out well because it was drizzling outside.

It was lovely to have both Melissa's son and her father at the Hotel Windsor. Three generations getting ready for the wedding!

Richmond Wedding PhotographyHotel Windsor Melbourne Wedding Photography
melbourne wedding photographymelbourne wedding photography
melbourne wedding photographymelbourne wedding photography

Fortyfive Downstairs

From there it was off to the beautiful art gallery 45 Downstairs on Flinders Lane for the wedding ceremony and reception. Having the wedding ceremony in an art gallery was awesome! It was casual yet intimate, and it was great hearing the cheers as Melissa walked down the aisle. In one of the photos below you'll see Melissa looking at the wedding ring. That's because the best man had replaced the ring with a one dollar coin!

melbourne wedding photographymelbourne wedding photography
melbourne wedding photographymelbourne wedding photography45 Fortyfive Downstairs Wedding Photography

The Reception

The reception area beneath was magnificently decorated and catered for by Ed Dixon Food Design.  Judging by the smiles all around, everybody had a wonderful time!  This was the first wedding where we took all the group photos well into the night after the guests had a few drinks. We got a lot more smiles than usual!

A big thanks to Phillipa from 45 Downstairs who helped us with the preparations, the staff from Ed Dixon who fed us some amazing fish and mussels, and to Esther and the Hotel Windsor staff who went the extra mile for us.  

melbourne wedding photography45 Fortyfive Downstairs Wedding Photography
melbourne wedding photography45 Fortyfive Downstairs Wedding Photographymelbourne wedding photography


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