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Daniel & Hannah

Wedding Photography at Geelong College Wedding

The prestigious Geelong College formed a great backdrop to Daniel and Hannah's wedding and the bluestone chapel tucked in the corner of the grounds is a popular wedding venue. You can understand why when you look at these photos - century old buildings covered in lush vines surrounded by pristinely manicured gardens.

The small chapel was perfect for Daniel and Hannah's intimate wedding ceremony and it was a moving scene as Hannah walked down the aisle. Earlier in the day, Vanessa had photographed Hannah and captured some really meaningful shots as she and her bridesmaids were getting ready at Hannah's home, while I was at Daniel's place photographing the groomsmen. 

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Geelong Wedding Photography

We couldn't have asked for better weather as we photographed the bridal party at Cloisters in Geelong College. Then we headed to a quaint country bus stop that Vanessa had scouted out for our shoot and captured some great photos there. It's always fun taking wedding photos on main roads as traffic would often stop for a look, which was handy considering I was sometimes lying in the middle of the intersection.

wedding photography geelongwedding photography geelong

Wedding Photobook

From our collection of photos, we designed a beautiful photobook. It's always that much more intimate holding the images in your hands. Congratulations to Daniel and Hannah! It was truly a wonderful day, made special by the meaningful friendships and caring family members that surrounded both of you.

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